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About: BladedDingo

Grant "BladedDingo" Soules works in the customer service field in the regulated natural gas industry of Alberta, Canada. He lives with his Girlfriend and annoying, but lovable cat.

Born and raised in Ontario, after graduating from the Toronto Film School with a degree in 3D computer animation and post production, Grant moved halfway across the country when a friend asked him to. Packing up what ever a 19 year old thinks he'll need, Grant and his friend drove across the Canadian Prairies and set up shop in Edmonton.

Grant enjoys the nerdy and fun stuff in life, spending free time playing D&D, and other games with friends, and traveling around Canada, whether it's camping in the Alberta parks, or visiting family in Ontario.

This website isn't much, but if you read something and enjoyed it, thanks.

New YouTube Video: Finally defeated the Deerclops!

26 Jun 2022

It took a while, But Aetherwolf and myself finally survived until the end of winter and managed to beat the Deerclops! Check out the video below.



19 Aug 2019

Mallory Mellor, a.k.a, Retrocausality, sat on the edge of the hospital roof. Not to far away the lights on the empty helicopter landing pad blinked away. It was quiet, well – except for the howl of the wind, but even that felt peaceful at the moment. He watched as the people of Paragon City went […]


Terms of Surrender

06 Mar 2019

Tyr stood at the mouth of a giant cave and stared out into the mountain range. The cave entrance was cleverly concealed, even with the massive opening and the equally large, thick stone doors, anyone who dared to climb the mountains would never see the entrance unless they knew what they were looking for. It’d […]


The Legend of Yun’Ki – Part One

26 Oct 2018

From across the sun scorched arena, Yun’ki gazed at the imposing figure sitting on a throne of giant sun bleached bones. The figure took several large gulps from his horn, bright red wine dribbling from the corner of his mouth. Suddenly, the figure flung the horn to the side and roared at the melee below […]


All good things…

15 Oct 2018

So I decided that since I have a website, I might as well use it. I don’t know what to do with it and I inherited the domain Outlaw-Inc; that site outlived it’s usefulness years ago. I love making websites, I’m an amateur and not amazingly graphically gifted, so a lot of my sites are […]


The Empire of Ru-Nal: Creation of The World

25 Feb 2018

In the beginning there was nothing, then Nal gave the nothing shape – creating the land and the sky and the water. Nal thought The World was good, but longed for companionship; So Nal created a wife Un-Nal, and he was happy. His Wife soon grew bored with the empty World and asked for something […]


A purpose in life

24 Feb 2018

This website used to have a purpose. It was stupid, and childish, but it was a purpose. now it’s just a show about nothing. I don’t remember the dates, it’s kind of hard to because it was so long ago, but it started in the early 2000’s with a nerd in high school who loved […]


The Truth Is Out There….

24 Feb 2009

So, I have a co-worker who works with me that is a little, Shall we say… Eccentric; Ok, Maybe that’s not the exact wording that I’d go with, let’s try: Crazy, Insane, weirdo, bonkers, wonky… take your pick. Basically she can be summed up in one sentence. The Government was behind 9-11. Now, that’s cool […]


Vote? Why Bother!

06 Oct 2008

So I’ve been asking some of my friends and co-workers who they’ll vote for in the coming election on October 14th and I’ve honestly been surprised. A lot of people my age really don’t care to vote. My roommate says that he doesn’t care, cause no matter who’s elected they’ll be a douche and he […]



I'm a C-Tier gamer that plays a variety of games. I started streaming as a hobby and enjoy chatting with new people. Come say Hi in chat while I try not to be to terrible at what I'm playing.

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