It's a show about nothing!

It took a while, But Aetherwolf and myself finally survived until the end of winter and managed to beat the Deerclops!

Check out the video below.

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BladedDingo - August 19, 2019

Mallory Mellor, a.k.a, Retrocausality, sat on the edge of the hospital roof. Not to far away the lights on the empty helicopter landing pad blinked away.

It was quiet, well – except for the howl of the wind, but even that felt peaceful at the moment. He watched as the people of Paragon City went about their lives.

He’d only been in the city for a few months now. A stranger from another time, another world. He was human, but from a colony a few lightyears away.

A disaster in his century had caused a temporal accident of immense proportions, and he’d been the pilot of an experimental suit that allowed him to travel through time.

The suit worked like a charm, but the temporal anomaly was beyond what the scientists from his era had thought possible.

A temporal storm hurled him back to the 20 aughts, nearly 400 years into his past. That was bad enough, but the time crystal powering his suit suffered damage. With the crystal in its current state, he had no way to return home and, the technology of this era couldn’t yet recrystalize the time crystal, not while keeping the temporal matrix intact.

He’d wandered the city seeking help for nearly a week before he found Highbrow and Nova Fire. Two members of The Sentinels, a Supergroup operating in the city.

They recognized the scope of his problem and introduced him to the confusing person called Dr. Epoch. A time traveler like himself, but free from the requirment of a timesuit.

Dr. Epoch couldn’t help him at the moment, but promised she did… or will. It was confusing because from Dr. Epochs point of view, she’d already repaired the crystal.

Either way, until the time stream sorted itself out, Retrocausality (or just Retro, as his new friends had began to call him) would have to just stick it out in this century.

His suit afforded him some resiatance to weapons fire and physical attacks, and the damaged crystal allowed him limited control over local spacetime. With practice, he could create spatial anomalies and even teleport.

He started to make a life in this time, and he made friends. Highbrow was hard to get along with sometimes, but Mallory figured when an accident unloads the Knowledge of the cosmos directly into your brain, regular conversation becomes a bit dull.

Highbrow… Retro hadn’t thought of him like that for a few weeks now. Maybe the pain of losing a new friend was starting to fade.

But he doubled down on that pain and brought it boiling back to the surface.

Mallory had a mission, and breaktime was over.

It was time to resume his search for Highbrows murderer.

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Tyr stood at the mouth of a giant cave and stared out into the mountain range. The cave entrance was cleverly concealed, even with the massive opening and the equally large, thick stone doors, anyone who dared to climb the mountains would never see the entrance unless they knew what they were looking for.

It’d taken Tyr’s scouts nearly a month to locate the proper path, and another month of spying on the dwarves to get the information Tyr needed for his siege of the dwarven king’s stronghold. it was a long, and difficult siege, he’d almost given up, but the previous night Tyr prayed.

The gods had never steered Tyr wrong before, and he’d used their wisdom to unite the human tribes into a well-oiled fighting machine. Everyone in his new empire knew the power of the gods. Even the elves had been smart enough to bend the knee to him.


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From across the sun scorched arena, Yun’ki gazed at the imposing figure sitting on a throne of giant sun bleached bones. The figure took several large gulps from his horn, bright red wine dribbling from the corner of his mouth.

Suddenly, the figure flung the horn to the side and roared at the melee below the raised dais. Yun’Ki, returned his eyes to the brawl himself. Down in the arena two of the largest Orc’s Yun’Ki had ever seen smashed into each other, a storm of steel and fangs as they each tried to kill the other.

A slash here, a parry there, then – an opening. With a tremendous war cry that shook the very earth, one of the Orcs brought his great-sword down upon his foe and cleaved him in half.

Yun’Ki howled with the rest of the clan as the victor raised his arms and basked in his victory. After a quick victory lap around the edge of the arena, the champion returned to the center and knelt by his opponent, muttering a brief prayer to the warrior gods. He then dipped his hand into the pooling blood, drenching it, and then anointing himself with a bloody hand print across his face.


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All good things…

BladedDingo - October 15, 2018

So I decided that since I have a website, I might as well use it. I don’t know what to do with it and I inherited the domain Outlaw-Inc; that site outlived it’s usefulness years ago.

I love making websites, I’m an amateur and not amazingly graphically gifted, so a lot of my sites are simple and clean and easy to read and navigate.

But I’ve had a few sites I was very proud to have created.

The Drunken Pirates was a World of Warcraft guild I helped create, and I made the website for the guild from the ground up. It was my baby and I loved it.

I also had a Star Wars The Old Republic guild, cleverly named Drunken Space pirates. I wasn’t as attached to that site as I was the main site, but I was also proud of it.

And even longer ago i maintained a clan website for the System Lords Alliance, or SLA for the web browser game Gatewars.

Yesterday, i found out that my web host was charging me extra on my package to support outdated versions of php, and all my old sites used a super old version because I never bothered to update them and they worked fine. Little did I know they worked fine because my provider made them work fine.

So I made the decision to remove those pages, they serve no purpose now, because the guilds and clans they were meant for are long gone.

They served only as a museum for my hobbies and nothing else. So I backed up the files on my computer and redirected the domains (might as well not waste a domain).

Now this site is the only monument to myself online. And that’s fine, but part of me is saddened that these sites are gone.


In the beginning there was nothing, then Nal gave the nothing shape – creating the land and the sky and the water.

Nal thought The World was good, but longed for companionship; So Nal created a wife Un-Nal, and he was happy.

His Wife soon grew bored with the empty World and asked for something she could care for, so Nal created four children.

However, the children did not bring Un-Nal the happiness she desired, as the children grew in their innate powers, they began to bicker and torment each other. So Nal gave unto each of his children a task. While Un-Nal was busy watching the Children, Nal set his eyes on new creations. He called them Man, and he watched as they spread across The World. To give them company on the material plane, Nal Also created a multitude of plants and animals so that they could have food and clothes.

Yet while they spread, they too fought like the gods above.

So Nal tasked each of his children with a charge.

To Ru-Archon, he charged with showing Man how to defend themselves and protect their loved ones.

To Ru-Rhóna, he charged with showing Man compassion and love and how to heal the sick and wounded.

To Ru-Mhindi, he charged with showing man the wisdom and knowledge of The World.

And finally, to Ru-Talia he charged with showing Man how to farm the land, harvest the plants and feed and cloth themselves.

This did not work the way Nal had planned, soon enough the scattered tribes of Man had formed into four great clans, each worshiping their patron god. The followers of Ru-Archon became violent and warlike, raiding other clans and spreading their dominance. The Followers of Ru-Rhóna built temples to house the sick and poor, but kept their skills and knowledge of the healing arts a tightly kept secret. The Followers of Ru-Mhindi wrote volumes of text and locked away the knowledge in great tomes. The followers of Ru-Talia hoarded their food supplies and refused to share.

The simmering hatred for each clan soon turned to war that ravaged the clans for eons, until the coming of Tyr.

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A purpose in life

BladedDingo - February 24, 2018

This website used to have a purpose.

It was stupid, and childish, but it was a purpose. now it’s just a show about nothing.

I don’t remember the dates, it’s kind of hard to because it was so long ago, but it started in the early 2000’s with a nerd in high school who loved the game Star War: Jedi Knight – Dark Forces II and a newly discovered curiosity of Dragon Ball Z.

A well known modder going by the name Shred, at the fan site (a shadow of it’s former self now) had been working on a mod, well a Total Conversion Mod, for JK:II. It got to be large enough that he needed to put together a team and most of the well known modders in the Massassi community had at least SOME participation in the development of the mod, whether they contributed with scripting, textures, level design or modeling, it was surely one of the largest and most ambitious mods to come out of the community.

It was big enough that it even had it’s own community and thats where the story of began.

On the Dragon Ball Z TC website, SOMEONE had managed to get a copy of a developer build of the mod and leaked it to the internet, this was of course rather scandalous as the hard work Shred and his team had put in was leaked early and not finished – but it didn’t stop people from downloading and playing it.

in an effort to curb discussion about the unfinished beta mod, it was forbidden to be discussed on the official mod forums, so a user named Bus Driver along with Nsinger created and hosted their own forums that couldn’t be censored by the tyrannical moderators at the DBZ TC forums, and Outlaw-Inc was formed.

It didn’t really do much, a lot of discussion about the Mod, and a lot of other niche forums opened up but ultimately the community wasn’t big enough to sustain itself and over time it just died as the users matured and outgrew Jedi knight and the now decade and a half old Mod – went to college, got jobs and started to live life.

During the height of the controversy NSinger who was hosting the website couldn’t afford to continue, so I took over hosting. but as the community of Outlaw-Inc died – I kept the domain. I don’t know what this site will be now, but it’s purpose has been fulfilled.


So, I have a co-worker who works with me that is a little, Shall we say… Eccentric; Ok, Maybe that’s not the exact wording that I’d go with, let’s try:

Crazy, Insane, weirdo, bonkers, wonky… take your pick. Basically she can be summed up in one sentence.

The Government was behind 9-11.

Now, that’s cool if you want to believe any crackpot theory there is… The Illuminati are controlling our minds with television, Barack Obama is not American and his election was a government run farce, the government has cures for A.I.D’s and cancer’s, but it’s more profitable to treat then cure. Or that Hemp, and by extension, pot can cure any illness and solve any problem.

Ya know what? I really don’t care about your stupid theories, your half baked idea’s and arguments not backed up with fact and substance, it makes for a good read and can be exciting sometimes, but really now…. NOT EVERYTHING IS A CONSPIRACY.

Literally EVERY word out of this woman’s mouth is about a conspiracy; she touts her beliefs at work everyday, and any conversation no matter how civil winds up SOMEHOW coming back to how the government is screwing us over.

My garden plants die; I’m a horrible gardener, Nope. Turns out the government is killing them to make genetically modified plants we can buy in stores and jacking the prices.

I have trouble breathing, turns out I don’t have asthma, and the government is poisoning us.

My favorite TV show was canceled cause of poor ratings, nah, Turns out the government is trying to brainwash us and it didn’t go as planned.

I’m telling you, this woman could make a pile of Rhino shit into a conspiracy, or at least tell you how the government made said rhino shit and why the Illuminati are behind it and how if the Rhino had just smoked some pot, it wouldn’t have shit at all.

Holy crap, I hope she doesn’t read this; I might have just made her day, maybe even her month, and this stuff’s golden.

Really though, she can’t seem to have a normal conversation without turning something into a conspiracy and sometimes it just really irks me.

I overheard her having a conversation with one of my co-workers, they were talking about how the other co-worker had shaved his head for cancer research, and this woman started to go off about how the government has cures, that research is useless and that the whole thing is pointless and the medicines that we have don’t work, maybe slow down, but don’t cure and the treatments we use are just a way to cut you up and charge you money.

Well, my mother had Breast Cancer, and these medicines and treatments that don’t work saved my mothers life, and this really annoyed me that she’d be so ignorant about… I don’t know, LIFE that she’d disown the medicines that have helped us live past the age of 30.

There’s a conspiracy for you, ready for this? it’ll blow your mind…

The Government is spreading false conspiracy theories so that stupid people will believe them, promoting people to “free peoples minds” by writing blogs, books and websites dedicated to these theories, then, these people will stay at home and do nothing but browse the internet for them, then the cable/internet people will stay in business and then many fast food chains will cater to them, thus stimulating the economy and helping the government make money!

There is only one way to fight this conspiracy, to believe that there ARE no conspiracies! Fight the man; show them that you don’t believe their lies!

Gotta go, the CIA are here…

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Vote? Why Bother!

BladedDingo - October 6, 2008

So I’ve been asking some of my friends and co-workers who they’ll vote for in the coming election on October 14th and I’ve honestly been surprised. A lot of people my age really don’t care to vote.

My roommate says that he doesn’t care, cause no matter who’s elected they’ll be a douche and he won’t like them. Another friend says she would vote, but she’s not going to be able to due to work. That seems like it’s a fair reason, she does work two jobs, but at the same time there is ways to vote early and get your say in the government, and your employer can and WILL give you time off to vote.

Now, My roommate is going to be in New Zealand, but even then, there are ways for citizens to vote before they leave, other people I talked to just don’t seem to care. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t follow political news much, I don’t follow the newest bills and law’s, or read up about the latest scandals, but voting is a privilege that we earned and I just don’t think it’s right to throw your vote away.

My opinion is that if you throw your right to vote away, you throw away your right to complain about the government, Sure… as a citizen you have the right to do so regardless, but it means SO much more that you had your say in who runs your country.

“Joe, You hear the Harper Government is raising taxes AGAIN!”,
“Well gee Billy, I sure know that is why I voted Liberal, They had a better platform and promised to lower taxes, who did you vote for?”
“Golly Joe, I sat on my ass and watched cartoons! I don’t care who’s elected, just don’t raise the taxes!”

See what I mean? how can you really justify criticizing a government if you don’t care what they do? clearly they will have an impact on your life SOME how and it just seems like it’s something that you should do, as a Canadian you should be casting you votes, Liberal, Conservative, NDP or even… green party? ok… even green party, you should find SOMETHING about them that you agree with and vote.

My brother is a card carrying Conservative, he’d kill me if I voted Liberal, I think most of my family voted Conservative last election (but they won’t tell… otherwise it won’t come true), but they vote. We’re not the most political family, we don’t sit around the dinner table and debate politics, but we do care who runs the government at least to a degree. There are immigrants who never had the chance to vote and will gladly exercise their right to do so, but here we are, just sitting around watching cartoons and playing Games and downloading pirated music.

Will you care when we’re as bad as the states and pass laws allowing Music companies to sue 12 year olds, will you care when posting a blog about how much you hate Harper or Dion will have the RCMP Flag you as a threat… Then will you care who’s making your laws when it starts to affect how you live more closely?

Yeah, the next Prime Minister is going to be a douche and he’s going to raise taxes and do stupid things, hes a politician, it’s practically written into his job description, but at least tell him that you didn’t want him by voting. who ever you feel better voting for, give yourself a voice and don’t just throw your rights away because you’re too damn lazy to care about your country.

Check out some websites for the candidates, read a news paper, make an informed decision and on October 14th… VOTE!

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